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The new year is here and we must be prepared for its new challenges and demands. However, sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with the changing demands of the business world, let alone figure out how to adapt to those changes.

We'll start with the Human Resources department responsible for your most essential resource, your employees. The modern HR team faces more challenges than ever. That's why it's important to equip them with the best HR software possible to help them do their jobs efficiently.

But what exactly are those difficulties? How can you and your business navigate the changes in order to have a good standing human resource strategy? In what ways can you combat the challenges so it minimizes the impact felt by those in your organization?

One of the biggest challenges facing human resources is access to essential information and data in a singular, confined, and secure location. You may be struggling with a legacy system that is not meeting the demands of your business, nor is it encapsulating what your employees need from it. Having multiple systems, systems that are not up-to-date, or both can cause multiple issues. You cannot rely on a system that is not going to be dependable.

Also, it is important to acknowledge that a barrier to just replacing your entire HR system, in general, is the cost of upgrading or replacing the system. These systems are not cheap and need to have a lot of money invested into them for their value to be truly felt. This needs to be addressed and highly considered when you are determining a course of action with your HR system. You may need to compare the cost of upgrading to the cost of just continuing to manage the system as it stands. This is especially true if you are looking to grow or expand your business model in any way.

If your HR software cannot keep up with the growing scale, then you will find yourself struggling to maintain organization and security with your HR files. Some systems may not even be able to keep up with large-scale capacities, and it is much more difficult to put a band-aid on a continuous problem than it would be to implement a permanent solution. This can be extremely difficult if you are using multiple systems as well because you are not having your HR capabilities in one easy, integrated system. It can be difficult for employees to navigate if there are separate systems for onboarding, payroll, health and documentation, just to mention a few examples.

Let’s take a look specifically at what unique software challenges face the modern HR department, and how they can be addressed by the right software development partner.

Legacy Systems and Integration

Technology evolved rapidly over this last decade. The modern user expects fast results and becomes frustrated when things slow down. Yet, this expediency is difficult to provide when your tech stack is filled with legacy systems that were never designed to work together. Worse, if this is true for your business, these disparate systems likely contain too much information to allow you to start over.

To achieve more and spend less, you’ll need to integrate your legacy systems with new systems that allow you to keep the functionality of your tools in an easier, streamlined interface. Furthermore, you’ll need to do this in such a way that your data remains protected while improving functionality. It is a delicate process. That’s why you need to work with a software development partner familiar with business’s HR software needs, expertise integrating disparate legacy systems and able to bring your HR tech stack into this decade.

The Expense of Narrow Tech Solutions and IT Expertise

Many companies seek to piecemeal HR systems together to save on cost. However, these ready-made packages often focus on only a single aspect of HR and do not easily communicate without an expensive IT specialist to help. Even then, your team will have to waste time transferring data between systems which risks data compliance violations that can incur fines your business can ill-afford.

As a result, adopting narrow HR software becomes more costly than seeking out the help of developers to build comprehensive HR tech solutions.

Vendor Management

Again, we see another shortcoming in utilizing several HR systems in vendor management. Many ready-made systems today are provided by SaaS vendors, each with its own terms and user agreements which must be accounted for. Even then, multiple vendors mean you face coordinating with third parties any time there is an error to fix, leaving you with potential gaps in service. In this, we see yet another reason to shift to a solution that can provide you with a one-contact system that not only brings your various HR solutions together but remains in-house. For this, you’ll need a system you can’t buy ready-made. You’ll need to work with developers familiar with the needs of HR software systems.


Every business from the smallest start-up to the biggest corporations is looking for the same thing: growth. As your company grows, so will your headcount and data management needs. That’s why you need software solutions that can scale with your company. Ready-made solutions will force you to pay for more storage, or force you to seek data storage outside of your company. Both of which can become costly either through direct expenses or the risk of data loss. For better scalability, you will need tools built ready to handle not just your company today, but your company 10 years from now.

Limited Device Reach

Ever since the advent of the smartphone, our society has become increasingly mobile in everything we do. That includes work. As a result, it is important that HR data is accessible to stakeholders anywhere at any time. Unfortunately, not all software solutions include mobile capabilities while also keeping your data safe no matter where it’s accessed from. To that end, you will need a solution that is mobile-friendly, data-safe, and easily accessible. What better way is there to achieve this than working with a development team that knows the importance of your data and its accessibility?


QA and Testing

 KNDCODE HR Strategic Partner

These are only a few of the challenges to HR software solutions. They must all be addressed with careful consideration and software expertise. Work with a team that understands software needs for human resources.

One potential strategy to prevent future hassles for you, your HR team, and all of your employees is to consider system integration. We will be discussing this option more in-depth in an upcoming piece, so stay tuned!

Essentially, the benefit of integration helps manage the amount of cost and upgrading you may have to consider doing in the future.

If you want to learn more about HR system pitfalls and how to avoid them and how KNDCODE and its nearshore software services can assist your business, check out our blog.

KNDCODE offers comprehensive software development at a reasonable price to our clients across industries and around the world with a team of experts in every software language and discipline.

Watch for our next article where we will continue our in-depth exploration of other important areas in software development.

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