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Nearshore software development services


Software development is both time and resource intensive, and therefore carries risk. We provide custom, affordable, and reliable end-to-end nearshore software development services.

Our development teams offer full-service support. We give you the flexibility to change goals and priorities on a dime. On top of our full-service support, we also provide evolutionary functionality enhancements which is helpful when dealing with your proprietary software.

We provide fast, reliable, full product development; dedicated business analysts, strategic planners, and process designers to match your needs.

Our services also include full-cycle software development process to ensure you're familiar with every detail of the software and processes. The conceptual stage includes a full business case analysis to understand and strategize with our team that is well trained to solve your issues and also provide a prototype when needed.

The next step is the Development Stage which includes conceptualization, UI/UX, deployment and integration strategies. We also provide constant support and maintenance so that you may take care of business without any issues.

QA and testing software is a key element of our support and maintenance services along with performing continuous server monitoring to stave off any outside attacks and other issues that may arise.

  • Technical Analysis
  • Software Architecture
  • Web Application Development
  • Support

Our technical analysis allows you to fully see and understand the metrics of performance, reliability, and scalability.  Without this information, how could you improve your product? In technical analysis, our senior software engineers and architects review the application in adherence with industry best practices for code quality, security, and implementation. Our team for nearshore software development in Indianapolis  has deep expertise in many programming languages, software architecture, quality assurance, security, and continuous integration. We complete a multifaceted technical analysis effort to understand and document your existing software stack and recommend the right stack for your project.

Software architecture is fundamental to any business that wishes to scale and keep up with the latest trends in software development. Architecture begins with an extensive analysis and interrogation of business operations, functional requirements, and strategy. Reliability, simplicity, and robustness are critical aspects of any given software architecture solution which is why KNDCODE offers all of the above to every client. Our processes and methods are tailored to give the right mix of control, documentation and design to companies of any size

In the last fifteen years, cloud computing has become the bedrock delivery mechanism for modern business. As a consequence, web development is more critical than ever. Choose KNDCODE for a reliable nearshore software development outsourcing;  we can help you build applications that'll give your business the reach and ability it needs. We offer you a team of professionals working on technical design, development, testing and operations all under one roof. Our services include enterprise cloud software development, cloud-based innovation, and product development in the cloud and SaaS space.  

Our services include Microsoft  Azure, Amazon Web Services, and custom cloud implementations.

Today’s software is never truly finished. No matter how solid your software product is, bugs are inevitable as are patch releases and new feature updates. Having proper post-delivery support ensures your software remains secure, maintained, and enhanced well after it launches. KNDCODE will give you operation and application support and staff augmentation if needed. 


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