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Companies have been experiencing a common issue when it comes to hiring software development services. For the vast majority of the industry, software companies specialize in a single field of development.

Nearshore Software developers will focus on a discipline such as configuration, security, infrastructure, support, frameworks, or languages. These focus points require specific skills and experience to manage properly.

This can make the process of finding a software developer difficult as many companies need the full range of services. Piecing together a number of developers in order to satisfy your company’s needs can be time-consuming and very expensive.

A holistic approach to software development is harder to find. However, the right Nearshore Software Development partner can offer a comprehensive development package that covers each of the four critical components of software development.

Let’s break down the work that goes into each of these components to form a complete software development service:


Broadly, configuration management concerns how a company’s technology assets are set up throughout the whole enterprise. Much of configuration management involves identifying and maintaining interdependencies between different systems and applications. Tracking the way each individual asset functions as part of a complete technology ecosystem is critical if you hope to smoothly implement new tools.

KNDCODE is a Nearshore Software Development company able to develop all of the software a company needs. This can help streamline configuration management. With all of the software coming from the same developer, the software is more compatible than it would be if it came from a patchwork collection of different developers.

Regarding software development specifically, configuration management involves four main factors:


Configuration identification organizes a project into smaller, more easily managed subprojects to ensure all components can be quickly located. When these components come from the same developer, configuration identification comes much easier to manage.

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Change Control Configuration change control manages who has access to work on which components of the software project. This prevents team members from making unauthorized changes and protects data from getting lost between versions. Transferring this data between software is another aspect of software management that becomes far more streamlined when the different software comes from a singular source. This can cut down on costly mistakes and keep efficiency at the forefront of business operations.

Auditing Configuration auditing tracks a software project’s progress to ensure it remains on schedule. It also helps verify that each task is being completed according to the client’s specifications. Audits are a crucial part of quality assurance. With better-integrated software, audits can be completed with far more accuracy and efficiency.

Status Accounting Configuration status accounting records information about all changes made to the software — primarily who made the change, why they made it, and when they made it. This used to involve keeping a manually written change log, but now it can easily be automated. Being able to compare status accounting records across the different software in use makes for much more effective configuration management.

With KNDCODE, all of the factors of configuration management can be optimized to improve the overall functionality of the software itself. This offers an improved level of control and compatibility that can benefit any company with a range of software needs.



Another essential software development service is managing the technology systems that support an enterprise IT environment. Infrastructure elements like software, hardware, and network components all need to be carefully coordinated to keep an organization’s various technology services operational. This can be difficult to overcome when software comes from multiple sources.

Traditional IT infrastructures use physical hardware, which is typically expensive and requires a large amount of space and power. Most companies today rely on cloud infrastructures that use an abstraction process to extract data from physical hardware and store it virtually. Cloud infrastructure management involves managing this process so data is correctly abstracted and stored and users can access it when they need it.


Some software development companies leave security until the end of the development process, almost as an afterthought, because it isn’t essential to the software’s functionality. However, it's better to factor security into the software’s code right from the start. Identifying and fixing security flaws after the software is finished is much more difficult and expensive than proactively addressing them during development.

Security considerations need to be baked into the development process every step of the way. With KNDCODE’s nearshore software development services, this level of security is standardized across all software being developed. Since a company can satisfy all of its software needs with KNDCODE, the integration of security can be simplified and become much more effective.


Even after the software is finished, there’s still more work left in the development process. The final step is the ongoing support required to maintain the software. Some development companies hand off the finished software and leave the client on their own to manage it. This approach does not address the most integral part of software development: maintenance.

The best software development services remain on board after the project is completed to help the client implement, maintain, and protect their new asset. KNDCODE’s full-cycle development services are designed to ensure every client is equipped to successfully manage their software after the development process is done.


Nearshore Software Development Services

KNDCODE is a nearshore software development company based in Indiana. Working with talented software engineers and developers located in the US and Central America, we’re able to provide the highest quality of service, while keeping talent in the same or similar time zones to avoid any potential scheduling setbacks due to time differences.

Some third-party nearshore software development outsourcing companies only provide one component of software development. Even those that do provide multiple services rarely stay on to help implement and support after the code has been written. At KNDCODE, our service isn’t finished until your software is up and running and you’re fully comfortable maintaining it on your own. We’ll also provide comprehensive configuration and infrastructure management along the way.

Finally, we prioritize security from the starting line so you never have to compromise safety for functionality.


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