• EDI


    Speed, accurancy and cost savings replacing information flows that require human interaction and paper documents.

  • FHIR


    Exchanging electronic health records made easy mobile (apps, cloud, EHR-based data sharing, server communication, and much more)

  • HL7


    Transfer clinical and administrative data between software applications with confidence.

  • XSD


    Interoperability profile that facilitates the registration, distribution and access across health enterprises of patient electronic health records.

HIPAA/EDI standards

HIPAA/EDI standards

Interoperable, secure, and private data management

We are experts in most healthcare-related solutions based on the HIPAA/EDI standards, and we have integrated multiple companies' platforms, third party payers, providers, manage care organizations and insurance companies. There is no substitute for an interoperable, secure, and private data management system in the healthcare industry. It is the new baseline for a more data-driven healthcare system. So, if you're looking for the perfect partner in taking your healthcare business to new heights, contact us.

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We can help you achieve data interoperability by developing back-end software that can fully integrate, translate, or even convert data standards into your existing system. This would allow you to easily manage data from disparate sources and analyze and consume them within your system.

We can also build custom healthcare software from the ground up. This can help maximize organizational efficiency by designing it around the data standards that you already expect to encounter.

Health practitioners, patients, and hospital administrative staff are probably not very well-versed in IT data management. For this reason, we ensure that our tools are designed with the user in mind. We design our software solutions intuitively. With each product we develop, we ensure that the intended users can jump right in and get the system going right away.

Making sure that software functions flawlessly at all times is also the mark of a good software development company. So, we have deployed a team specifically put together to provide application maintenance support that can perform software debugs on our products and even perform third-party software maintenance.

With this team in place, you'll never have to worry about tasks and processes in your operations being disturbed. With this level of reliability, you'll be able to focus more on improving and maintaining your healthcare services.

HIPAA compliance is important to us not just as an operational requirement but also as a promise to our customers. For this reason, we only use secure database technologies in our software solutions such as Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB, and others with a high level of security. We also ensured that we have a CISCO Advanced Firewall and Routing certification to prevent hacks and other data loss events.


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